Mortgage and Lender

Here we focus our discussion on topics that are of most interest to federally regulated institutions and non-regulated financial services organizations.  These assignments usually involve the following scenarios

  • Appraisals for mortgage lending decisions
  • Review appraisals for mortgage lending decisions
  • Portfolio valuation (individual loans and bulk valuations)
  • Asset valuation of REO properties
  • Market valuation for short-sale approval decisions

With the implementation of Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC) and the additional emphasis of separation between the loan origination and appraisal function for mortgage lending, some organizations have turned to Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs) to manage their appraisal process. However, many lenders are finding that in order to ensure high quality and professional competence of the appraisal function is maintained, maintaining one’s own appraiser fee panel is the optimal choice. If your organization is looking for qualified, competent appraisers to complete appraisal assignments that meet your own specific investor guidelines as well as meet or exceed the GSE requirements, Metrocal Appraisal can provide you with that service.

In addition to the typical appraisal refinance or purchase-money appraisal product, Metrocal Appraisal also offers the following services:

  • Pre- and post-funding appraisal review services
  • Asset valuation for REO properties
  • Market valuations for short-sale acceptance decisions

Our clients include federally regulated institutions such as banks and credit unions and non-regulated financial service organizations that specialize in private-money loans.

We have also assisted our clients with:

  • Developing appraisal review programs, procedures and presentations to assist non-appraiser personnel (such as underwriters, loan processors and loan officers) in better understanding the appraisal report and to help them to identify potential risk issues.
  • Provide (through nationally recognized third-party vendors) bulk portfolio valuation to assist in risk management and comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Forensic review of suspect appraisal reports connected with defaulted or non-performing loans. Our services include working with the lender’s legal counsel for litigation preparation and support.

If you are a lender and require competent appraisers in the San Francisco Bay Area to provide quality appraisal or expert consulting services, please contact us at Orders/Contact Us so we can discuss how Metrocal Appraisal can provide you with the solutions you need.

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